Ibrousax is a character from Spaceship 537 and Spaceship 537: Secrets of Quetir. He is voiced by Idris Elba.


Spaceship 537Edit

Ibrousax is the higest Quetirian of the planet. He rules over the planet in the capital, Bisonuar. One day, he heard that another specie had entered their planet. He wanted to meet this specie called humans. When they heard an explosion, he knew the humans had done this. He send lots of Quetirians to it and they brought them the 4 humans who survived it.

When the humans were with him, he thanked them for coming to his planet and saving it. He was the most pleased of Markus Wood and knew his good friend, Saxario, died. There was a ceremony and he gave Wood, Caroline Livingstone, Lauren Marshall and George Smith a special stone.

Spaceship 537: Secrets of QuetirEdit

Coming Soon



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