Hugh Dare was an American soldier in the same squadron as Karl Kaufman. He served as Robert Frank's personal bodyguard. He died combating Heinrich Zemo and Markus Ettlinger on board the Blitzkrieg.


Hugh had short brown hair and a light stubble. He wore a regular suit on board the Blitzkrieg and marching gear on the battlefield.


Battle on the Blitzkrieg Edit

Hugh accompanied Robert Frank on the Blitzkrieg, not knowing it was a ploy to kidnap them and bait the Invaders. Markus Ettlinger tricked them and beat them down and handed them over to Heinrich Zemo. Hugh managed to use a grenade to blow a door down and knock out Markus, allowing Hugh to arm himself and Robert and take on Zemo. They were unsuccessful, even though Robert revealed his Inhuman powers of super-speed. He was taken to Berlin as a hostage and killed by Adhesive X in a battle against Zemo.

Trivia Edit

  • At first, Karl Kaufman replaced Hugh