Herbert Edgar Wyndham was a British engineer that joined Hydra and eventually became an armored super villain.


Herbert had short slicked back black hair and usually wore a tweed jacket over a pinstripe shirt with an open collar.


Meeting Johnathan Drew Edit

At some point in college, Herbert met Johnathan Drew. They bonded and became good friends.

Joining Hydra Edit

Herbert ended up getting involved with the wrong people and he joined Hydra. He soon moved to Serbia- "to peruse his dreams"- and built a workshop near Wolfgang von Strucker's castle- the headquarters of Hydra research.

Dealings with Adrian Toomes Edit

At some point, Adrian Toomes and his crew sold some Chitari equipment to Hydra- including lots of armor, weapons and the remains of a Leviathan. Herbert had lots of it in his lab- which he tinkered with.

Murdering the Drews Edit

When the Drew family- Johnathan, Merriam, and Jessica- came to visit Herbert at his workshop, Johnathan uncovered Herbert being a member of Hydra and this resulted in Herbert stabbing Johnathan with a Chitari spear gun, and then turn and shoot Miriam dead. Jessica was spared so Strucker could use The Scepter to experiment on her as she did with Wanda and Pietro Maximoff.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Herbert is brilliant
  • Herbert is a skilled inventor and builder
  • Herbert stole an Iron Man prototype suit which he modified with Chitari tech