Heinrich Zemo was the main antagonist of The Invaders. He is the grandfather of Helmut Zemo and the son of Herman Zemo. He owned both the Blitzkrieg zeppelin and the Behemoth zeppelin- both of which he used for nefarious purposes. He is portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio.


Heinrich is in his late 40's and has slicked back dirty-blonde hair and blue eyes. He has a fair complexion and usually wears Sokovian officer clothes- very similar to German ones. After he was deformed by Adhesive X, his face was twisted and layered and a lot of his hair was burnt off. After he was deformed, he began to wear a purple mask to hide his face.


Trivia Edit

  • In the comics, the Zemo family is German.
  • In the comics, Heinrich is killed by a rockfall.
  • In the comics, Heinrich was involved in WW2, not WWI.
  • In the comics, Helmut Zemo was Heinrich's son, not grandson

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