Gunnar Johansson is a Character in the Predator Movies. He appeared in Predators 2 and Alien vs Predator: Hybridamorphs. He is portrayed by Johann Urb.


Predators 2Edit

Gunnar fought against Dembe in the jungle after he was put on the planet. After that he joined a team. Thet went further where they met also a lot other people. A guy stranded in a hole, three people in a group, two people fighting against each other, an injured girl and a guy that was following them.

They found a Temple and split up in two teams. Michael stayed with Friedrich, Isabelle, Zoë, Patrick and Dembe. They were later attacked by Predators. They defeated them, but after that Zoë and Patrick were gone. They started searching for them. They later found Gunnar, one of the people that went to the temple. They also found Zoë back, but there was no sign of Patrick. She was in a tree. Suddenly they were attacked by Predators. During that fight, Dembe was killed by a Predator. They rescued Zoë. The Temple was later blow up. They went further until they discovered a ship. When they were at the ship, Predators attacked again, and a king Predator attacked and killed Friedrich. They went on the ship, but Michael was too late and was pulled in two parts. He died of his injuries. They started the ship and flew away. But a king predator was on the ship and he stabbed Isabelle. Zoë killed the king Predator. They put the ship on autopilot to Earth. After that, they both agreed to sleep.

Alien vs Predator: HybridamorphsEdit

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