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Greetings from Krampus is an upcoming American Christmas dark fantasy horror film based on the Austrian-Bavarian legend, Krampus. It will be released on December 15, 2017 by Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema.

Synopsis Edit

While the Christmas season represents the most wonderful time of year, ancient European folklore warns of Krampus, the evil companion of St. Nicholas who punishes naughty children at Christmastime. This year, his latest targets are a gang of delinquents. Krampus, noticing their misdeeds, sets forth to punish them all.

Plot Edit

The film begins in Rothenburg, Germany on Christmas Eve. A mischievous boy named Frederick Schultz starts causing trouble in the town, until the police caught him and took him back home. His mother, fed up with his sons misbehavior, decides to read him a bedtime story entitled "The Legend of Krampus". The story tells of an ancient demonic beast with black fur, cloven hooves and large horns named Krampus. On Christmas Eve, while Santa rewards all the good children in the world, Krampus punishes all the bad children. He sneaks into their houses and beat them with sticks, then leaves a lump of coal as a reminder for them to behave next year. As for the very bad children, he stuffs them in his sack, traps them in wicker cages and eats them. This leaves Frederick in devastation. After his mother kisses him goodnight and leaves his room, Frederick prays for forgiveness and to be spared from Krampus' wrath.

Years later, Frederick moved to New Jersey, married a woman named Mary, had a boy named Tyler and forgotten all about Krampus. Frederick and Mary barely spend any time with Tyler as they are both busy workers. So Tyler hangs out of a gang of bad kids named Louis, Christie, Dylan and Johnny. Every year they pull of mischievous pranks by throw yellow snowballs at people, vandalize their property, and beat up Jewish kids until the police came and took each of them back to their homes. Tyler is grounded for his actions. Then the camera pan out into Krampus' lair as he was watching the bad things he and his friends did and say's that he's coming for them all, now that their on the naughty list.

On Christmas Eve, Johnny steals presents from a shopper and while he was getting away on his bike, Krampus steps onto his tracks. A terrified Johnny tried to escape, but Krampus grabs his bike using his chains, flipping Johnny over onto the ground. Krampus stuffs him in his sack and gets away for the police arrived. Search parties for Johnny began and Tyler, Louis and Dylan went out to find him. Meanwhile, Christie is shoveling off yard as punishment for her bad behavior, when she witnesses Krampus stuffing a child in his sack from inside a house across the street. After a truck passes by, Krampus is standing outside the house and stares at Christie. She tried to get back inside the house, but the door is locked (due to Krampus' magic). She banged the door for her mother to let her in, but she's exercising while listening to The Little Drummer Boy through her headphones. Krampus grabs Christie by the hair and stuffs her in his sack. Meanwhile, Tyler and Louis are hanging up signs of the missing Johnny. Dylan's mother wants him to come home and watch his little sister. After he put his sister to bed, he here's footsteps coming from the roof. Dylan follows the sound all the way to the fireplace. He here's the sound of chains dragging down the chimney and peeks through it. When the sound stops Krampus jump scares at Dylan, crawls out of the fireplace and captures him.

Meanwhile, Tyler and Louis ended their search for today and walk home, until Krampus grabbed Louis' leg with his chains, dragged him to his grasp and stuffs him in his sack. Terrified from what happened, Tyler ran through the streets, but Krampus is picking speed. Then, Tyler took out his slingshot, picked up a rock and shot it onto Krampus' eye, knocking him down. He finds a closed shopping mall to hide from Krampus. He walks into the unlocked back door is going stay inside until morning. He then walks into a Santa photo set and come face to face with Krampus, siting on Santa's throne. Krampus snatches Tyler, and stuff him in his sack. Frederick and Mary drive out at night looking for Tyler. Frederick finds some hoof prints that lead to Krampus' location. All the children that he took are trapped in wicker cages hanging on trees, including Tyler. Krampus is going to eat all the kids. Frederick and Mary find Tyler and free him, but Krampus catches them, takes out his whip and strikes Frederick. But he gets up and fights Krampus. Krampus opens up the Pits of Hell, and attempts to throw Frederick down their, when he fights back and pushes Krampus down the pit, ending his reign of terror for now. The police arrived and freed all the children.

As Christmas morning began, Tyler, Louis, Christie, Dylan and Johnny reunited happily with their families. After the scary experience they've had, they took an oath to be good all next year. But that didn't stop Krampus from watching them as he continues to watch the kids to see if they'll be good next year. Which is what he does to all the children of the world.

Roll credits.

Cast Edit

Daniel Brühl as Krampus

Gabriel Bateman as Tyler Schultz

Ella Anderson as Christie

Benjamin Flores Jr. as Louis

Noah Schnapp as Dylan

Steele Stebbins as Johnny

Thomas Kretschmann as Frederick Schultz

Vera Farmiga as Mary Schultz

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