GoAnimate: The Movie is a movie from 1989.

Radar Edit

  • Macusoper says "d*mn the Go!F*gs" and it's RATED PG at the time of release
  • Eric has implied sex with Kate in the hotel, it is not seen

Trivia Edit

  • It was boosted up to a PG-13 in 2008 due to what got past the radar
  • It was the first animated Paramount film to have "A Paramount Communications Company" in the logo
  • It was a "partial package film" it combined 5 shorts called, "Eric's Revenge" "Macusoper and Eric" "Grounded HQ" "GoBrat" and "GoAnimate Party" All of these shorts were made between 1983-1987 and the movie had 55 minutes of unique footage

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