This is a movie based of a the ORIGIN Comicbook of the same name.

Cast Edit

General George Smith- TBD

Plot Edit

General George Smith, commander of a US Army Strike Force hiding undercover in Berlin, Germany, during WW1 in 1918, stages an attack on the Germans. After the battle that ensures, German airships appear in the sky. General Smith and Major Ernest Harold head in a captured truck to a German airbase, where they hijack a plane and go up into the sky to stop the airships. However, their plane is shot down and Major Harold dies in the explosion. General Smith survives the crash and lands on the roof of one of the remaining airships. Entering the infrastructure of the airship, the General sees alien technology. He rigs the ship to blow and it does. General Smith parachutes out of the airship just before it blew and he landed in Neuschwanstein Castle. In Neuschwanstein Castle General Smith found a clock/compass device that had fallen from the alien airship. Not long after, a drop pod with an Alien Elite Hunter landed. The Elite Hunter started searching for the compass but right before the Elite Hunter found General Smith he turned the dial on the device. General Smith got thrown into a purple vortex.

General Smith lands on the roof of a large marble building that looked like a temple.

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