To Be Continued
"To be continued..."

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This is a movie set before the first FNAF game. This is the origins of the lore and sequels will not be numbered by the inspired game. The timeline of this movie is heavily inspired by the amazing timeline work done by Andiematronic on YouTube. Most of the base timeline is credited to her. This movie idea, not the timeline, is copyrighted by me, Valeyard6282. Enjoy!


William Afton is a disturbed but genius man. He is the engineer and inventor for Fredbear's Family Diner- an animatronic based restaurant. When a child is kidnapped, the restaurant is shut down. A new restaurant is opened- Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. The animatronics there are tied to William's sinister operations behind the scenes.


Fredbear's Family Diner Edit

It is 1975 in Arizona. We see a restaurant- Fredbear's Family Diner. It is a simple brown building with a couple windows and a sign. We see a purple '69 Camaro roll into the parking lot. A man steps out wearing a white button-down shirt with an open collar with a purple knee-length frock coat over it. This is William Afton. William enters the building and greets Matthew Abrams- the owner of Fazbear Entertainment, the company that owns Fredbear's. The building has a check-in desk, several booths and tables, an ordering station, a small arcade in the back, and a large wooden stage where two animatronics dance around and sing. These animatronics are Fredbear- a golden teddy bear with a black top hat and bowtie and a microphone- and Spring Bonnie- a golden bunny with a banjo and a purple bowtie. William walks back past the restrooms and into a door that leads to his office. He sits down at his desk and checks his computer. We see from his emails and his office that William is the designer and inventor for the company. He views a scanned blueprint on his computer and we see it is copyrighted by Afton Robotics- his company. William leaves his office with some printed blueprints and gives them to Matthew. William says that they're called "Springlock Suits". He says that they are wearable costumes that are of Fredbear and Spring Bonnie. He says what makes them special is that a crank on the back of the costume allows its Springlocks to pull together and form an endoskeleton- a skeleton of an animatronic. He says that in suit mode though, the user can't jerk around a ton or make the suit really wet, as the Springlocks could go off and do massive damage to a user. Matthew frowns at the flaws but agrees to have William make them and retire the current animatronics as all employees have to sign papers agreeing to take the risks.

The Workshop Edit

William thanks Matthew and leaves and gets in his car. He drives away and goes down the road and pulls into a warehouse parking lot. A sign says it is property of Afton Robotics. He uses his key and goes in the warehouse. In it are some animatronic parts in boxes. In the back is a circular elevator shaft. He opens it up and uses it to go down underground to his workshop. The elevator dings when it is underground and William opens it up and steps into a small, dark room where he turns on a single light. A horizontal vent entrance is on the wall and William sighs and says that he wished they didn't have to design it like this. William crawls into the vent and pulls himself through it. It isn't a tight vent and there is enough room so he wouldn't get stuck. He emerges in a control room with three vents leading elsewhere. The control room to control lights and other stuff is also his office. A montage ensues of William creating the new suits. During this we meet Chris Carlton- Phone Guy- William's right hand man. William and Chris finish the suits and load them into a truck and bring them down to the diner. Matthew is impressed. The new suits are identical in appearance to the old models but have a small crank and are now effective Springlock suits.

The Incident Edit

We see a later date where a large group of customers is enjoying dinner while the Springlock characters- in animatronic mode- dance and sing. We see William and his co-worker, Danny Marshall, backstage preparing to close the curtain and greet the customers in suit mode. They change the animatronics to suits and suit up into them- William in Bonnie, Danny in Fredbear- and go greet and take pictures with the guests. In the chaos, William splits up from Danny and goes to greet other customers. After greeting enough to cover his tracks, William sneaks around the back corner and into the men's bathroom, still wearing the Bonnie suit. He sees a child washing their hands and asks if the child wants to play with Bonnie. The child- not knowing better- says yes and follows William outside through the back door. William hops around to give a happy impression to the child. The small woods outside the restaurant are where William lures the child. Once in the woods, William kills the child.


*William Afton- Tom Hiddleston

*Clara Schmidt- Anne Hathaway

*Chris Carlton/Phone Guy- Scott Cawthon

*Matthew Abrams- Matthew McConaughey

*Danny Marshall- Micheal J. Fox

Notes Edit

In the FNAF universe, technology is more advanced in some areas. For example, the computers are accurate to the setting, however tablets- which were invented in 2002- exist in the late 80's and 90's. Artificial Intelligence also exists in the 80's but isn't extremely advanced, however Baby does seem to have the ability to "think". This universe was just more advanced then we were. A.I. was created before advanced computers and tablets were made a decade early.

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