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Firesoul is the 27th James Bond movie. It will come out in October 2022. Jamie Bell will play again the role of James Bond. Also, Ralph Fiennes as M, Naomie Harris as Moneypenny, Ben Whishaw as Q and Rory Kinnear as Bill Tanner will return.


James Bond is sent on a new mission by M that will take him to countries such as Botswana, Indonesia and Czech Republic. On this mission, he meets a rich woman but things won't be like normal. Bond knows that he can't trust anyone. Meanwhile, a new organization wants to destroy MI6. James Bond has to find out who works for them and that won't be as easy as he thought.


It starts in London where James Bond is in a house. Lots of people attack him. 007 kills them all until he sees their leader. He is called Nick Dillon. Bond hold his gun on him and asks to him: "Who are you working for?" Dillon says: "Why would I tell you that?" Bond smashes him in the face and asks it one more time. Dillon laughs and suddenly one of his henchmen is standing behind Bond. He smashes the gung out of Bond's hands. Dillon jumps out of the window. Bond smashes the henchmen knock out and looks out of the window. He sees that Dillon is hanging on a paraglider. James Bond grabs a very heavy weapon and shoots on Dillon. It fails and he gets away. Bond is angry and runs out of the house and goes in his Aston Martin. He drives over the streets of London. He looks out of the window and sees Dillon in the sky. Bond asks to M: "How am I supposed to get this guy if he is so high in the sky?" M answers: "Use the ejector seat in your car. Q has made it better so you come much higher with it." Q says: "You have to press the button right to your seat." Bond says: "Okay, I only have to get closer to him. Moneypenny can you help me with that?" Moneypenny who is sitting in a helicopter sees Dillon and goes to him. Dillon also sees Moneypenny and gets back. He gets closer and closer to Bond. Bond parks his Aston Martin on a parking. Dillon gets closer to him and when he is close enough, Bond uses his ejector seat and he goes high in the sky. Dillon doesn't sees him coming and 007 comes on his paraglider. He jumps on the sitting place and Dillon smashes him away. Bond almost falls of it, but he can hold himself on the legs of Dillon. Dillon tries to smash Bond off him, but it fails and Bond jumps more on him and smashes him in the face. Dillon grabs a knife and wants to stick Bond with it. Bond grabs the knife back and wants to push it into Dillon. Dillon smashes it into the air and the knife comes into the paraglider. It breaks and Bond and Dillon crash. They end into a building. Bond grabs the knife and opens Dillon out of the paraglider. Bond asks: "Once again, who are you working for?" Dillon laughs again and some second later he kicks Bond in his dick and gets up. He walks to the place where they crashed. Bond gets up and runs to Dillon, but it is already too late. He jumps to the ground. Some second later, Bond looks to the ground and sees the death body Nick Dillon lying on the ground. Lots of other people also see it. Bond is sad and walks away like nothing special happened.

The title song and title sequence of the movie start.

After it, we seen an unknown building somewhere on the world. They are watching at photo's of the death body of Nick Dillon lying on the ground somewhere in London. An unknown voice says: "First Blanchard, now Dillon. You all know that something like this can't happen again. Number 5?" Number 5 says: "Yes? What do you want me to do?" and he shows himself. The unknown voice says: "I'll send you on a mission with two of my best and most trusted men." He loudly says: "Number 3 and Number 4!" Number 3 and Number 4 walk to the desk. The unknown voice says: "You all will go on a mission to kill this man." He shows a photo of James Bond. Number 4 says: "How hard is it to kill that guy?" Number 5 says: "I can do it alone without them!" The unknown voice says: "He is a secret agent of MI6 has a licence to kill. Number 3 you will have the lead over this mission." Number 4 says: "What? How can she lead this mission?" Number 2 says: "Dave, I have a higher number than you." Number 4 answers: "Don't call me by my name. Then I will also do it by you Emma!" The unknown voice says: "Hunt will have the lead over this mission, not you. Number 2 show them the way out of here." Number 2 says: "Yes, of course." Number 2 shows himself. The unknown man walks away. Emma Hunt says: "Lewis?" Number 2 says: "Don't call me by my real name. It's Number 2 for you!" After it they all walk out of the building.

At MI6, M is again angry on Bond that he couldn't get Dillon alive. He says: "First you kill Blanchard instead of bringing him to me and now you make the same mistake!" Bond answers: "You don't know how hard it is to get someone alive." "Stop both of you!" Bill Tanner says. Moneypenny also says: "It happened, we can't change it anymore." Q interrupts here and says: "I have some good news to bring you." Bond says: "That's good to hear. What is it Q?" Q says: "I found a location of the group where Dillon works for. They are in Botswana searching for something."  Bond answers: "Great." M says to Bond: "007, this is your last chance. You will get information of that organization before killing them. Do you understand that?" "Yes I do." Bond answers. M says: "I hope you mean it. Moneypenny, Q and Tanner will go with you. I will stay here." Moneypenny says: "Why you won't come with us?" M answers: "I am busy and have a lot to do. Bill will take my job in your trip to Botswana." Bill Tanner says softly to Bond: "That's good for you. I won't be as strict as him." Bond can't laugh about it.

The next day, James Bond, Q, Moneypenny and Bill Tanner take the place to Botswana. Meanwhile, Emma Hunt and Dave Matthews also go to Botswana. Hyun-woo AKA Number 5 stays at the unknown building. When, Bond and the others are in Botswana, Bond goes to a place where they found diamonds in the ground. He uses another name: James Smith. He meets a lot of people including Emma Hunt. She already knows that he is not James Smith and James Bond, she recognizes him from the photo. Hunt gives a sign to Dave Matthews that she will handle it. Bond says that he is an archelogist who wants to see the diamonds they found. Dave Matthews follows them with some of his henchmen. When they are at the place where all diamonds are, Hunt says: "I'm sorry, I have some things to do. Take your time to look at the diamonds." James Bond accepts it and starts looking at the diamonds. He already fastly recognizes that there is something not right with the diamonds. Some moments late, he hears someone screaming: "I want to buy all diamonds." Another guy says: "And how much money do you want to give for that?" After that, he hears a woman saying: "Quiet guys, this is not the place where these diamonds will be sold." The first man says: "Oh sorry." and he leaves the place. Bond is still looking at the girl. He walks to her and asks: "If this is not the place where these diamonds will be sold, then what are you doing her?" The woman answers: "Oh I'm just looking of there are some nice diamonds between these ones and that's probably also why you are here. I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Danielle." Bond answers: "I'm Smith, James Smith. Oh that doesn't sounds very nice." Danielle laughs and they keep talking with each other. Meanwhile, Emma and Dave are making a plan how to kill Bond. Dave says: "I know how we can get him. You need to get his trust and then we will lure him to a place where we can kill him."  "That sounds very good" Emma says. Dave fastly after that says: "Wait, he is talking to a girl. Get her away from him." Emma says: "Yes, I'll. What will you do?" Dave says: "You will see that." After it, Emma walks back to Bond. James and Danielle are still talking about something. Emma interrupts them and says: "James, we have to get out of here. This place will close in a few minutes." Bond answers: "Oh I didn't knew that." Emma continues: "Come and follow me. Say goodbye to the girl." Danielle looks a bit sad and says: "Well, it was nice to meet you James." Bond says: "Indeed it was." After it, Danielle walks away. Emma says: "Do never talk again with someone you don't know. You can't trust anyone. Even a girl like her." Bond says: "I know what I'm doing. Come lets go out of here." On the moment, they want to walk out of the place, Dave Matthews and his henchmen are standing before Bond and Hunt. Matthews says: "Hello James Bond." Bond says: "My name is James Stick. I don't know where you are talking about." Matthews says: "So you are murderer and layer as well." Dave shows the photo he got from the unknown man to James Bond. Matthews says: "And what do you have to say on that?" Bond says: "This" and he gives Matthews a smash in his face. Matthews angrily says: "Get him!" Bond and Hunt run as fast as they can away. The henchmen of Matthews attack Bond. The way outside the place closes. Bond is angry and runs to the diamonds. The henchmen of Matthews go after him. Bond throws the first in the glass. Hunt doesn't knows what to do. The people working at the diamonds place are angry but can't do anything about it. Bond defeats all the henchmen. He fights against Matthews, but Matthews is stronger than him. Matthews smashes him on the ground and kicks him. Emma wants to help him, but Matthews smashes her hardly away. Matthews gets a knife and says: "Now we will make an end of James Bond." Some seconds later, Matthews gets a stone against his head and falls unconscious on the ground. It was Danielle who threw the stone. She says: "You can thank me later for this." Bond gets up and sees that some of the henchmen get Matthews and get away. Bond is angry, he wanted to kill him. Danielle says: "Follow me, I know a way out of this place." Bond says: '"Wait, I have to get Emma out of here." Danielle answers: "Leave her here, you can't trust her." Bond says: "I also don't know of I can trust you." After he said that, he gets Emma who is still unconscious. He follows Danielle and they run out of the place. When they are outside, Danielle says: "I'm sorry, I will have to leave you. Bond ask:  "How are you going to get out here?" Danielle says: "Here is your answer" and she shows some diamonds. Bond asks again: "How did you get them?" Danielle answers: "I stole them. Please don't tell anyone. I saved your life. I want to get something back for that. If you don't tell anyone about this, then I got enough for it" Bond says: "Okay, I understand. I won't tell anyone about it." Danielle says: "Thank you very much for that. Now, get in my car, I will bring you to the place you want. Bond throws Emma on a place in the back of the car. Danielle drives away. Lots of kilometers later, Bond says: "That car behind us is already following us very long." Danielle asks: "What car?" James says: "That pick up very far behind us. Drive slower, I want them to come closer at us." Danielle says: "Okay, I will do that." Lots of minutes later, the pick up is very close behind them. The driver of the pick up says: "Fuck, they found us." He drives very fast and wants to pass Danielle's car. Bond says: "Goodbye, I hope we will meet each other one more time." Danielle asks: "What are you going to do?" Bond answers: "Take over that car." Danielle says: "That's very dangerous." Bond says: "I know, but trust me." Danielle says: "Okay I also hope we will see each other again. Bye James." Bond gets Emma and throws her in the back of the pick up. The driver and the guy next to him don't know what happened. The other guy opens his window and asks Danielle also to open her window. He asks: "Where is James Bond?" Danielle answers: "You mean that spy from England? Why would he be here? The guy says: "We know he was with you." After he said that, Bond gets on the pick up. The driver says: "Get him, he is on our car you idiot." The other guy climbs on the top of his car and sees Bond. Bond says: "Hello" and they start fighting. The guy wants to kick Bond off the car, but Bond gets his Walther PPK and shoots the guy through his belly. He fallls death off the car on the road. The driver is just driving further. Suddenly, he sees Bond standing next to him. Bond shoots him through the face and pushes him out of the car. He stops the car and gets the body. He throws them in the back of the car. He also puts Emma next to them. Meanwhile, Danielle already drived away. She says to herself: "He was James Bond, not James Smith. How couldn't I know that?" Some seconds later, Bond drives further and reaches the place where Q, Moneypenny and Bill Tanner are.

More coming soon!


  • Jamie Bell as James Bond/007
  • Jessica Chastain as Emma Hunt/Number 3
  • Olivia Wilde as Danielle Davis
  • Josh Segarra as Dave Matthews/Number 4
  • Berenice Bejo as Kate Benson
  • Thomas Kretschmann as Lewis McClain/Number 2
  • Jung Ji-Hoon as Hyun-Woo/Number 5
  • Christoph Waltz as Ernst Stavro Blofeld
  • Ralph Fiennes as M
  • Ben Whishaw as Q
  • Naomie Harris as Moneypenny
  • Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter
  • Rory Kinnear as Bill Tanner
  • Unknown actor as Nick Dillon/Number 6

More cast members coming soon!

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