The Fight at Leader's Lab is a fight in The Incredible Hulk 2.


The Leader brought The Abomination to his lab, but Hulk, Black Widow, and Sharon Carter found a signal of The Abomination. Hulk and Black Widow went to the lab and Red Hulk too.


Banner and Romanoff go immediately to the lab. When they are there, Banner kisses Romanoff to make it easier to turn into the Hulk. He smashed at the door to open it. Out of nowhere, the Red Hulk comes and say hello. The 2 Hulks destroy the door. The Leader is shocked to see the 2 Hulks in his house. But the Abomination attacks fast and another big fight starts. Red Hulk gets the Abomination and Hulk and Black Widow go get the Leader. The Abomination is very strong, but Red Hulk uses his angry to fire and is able to be even powerful as the Abomination. The Hulk helps him. The Leader sees Black Widow as a weak woman but is shocked to see what she can. The Abomination loses against the 2 Hulks. The Leader is very angry and uses his telepathic to push the 2 Hulks and Black Widow away. He jumps to the Abomination and steals all his Gamma Redition. The Abomination turns back into Emil Blonsky and falls on the ground. He is clearly dead. The Leader is now very strong and goes out of the lab. He becomes very big. Hulk and Red Hulk try to push the Leader on the ground. Also, Hulk throws Black Widow into the air. Then, she can give the Leader electric. After doing this and smashing him, the Leader falls on the ground. Red Hulk and Hulk smash all the gamma redition out of the Leader, so he becomes normal again. It seems that he is defeated, but he is not and uses his telepathic to push Red Hulk, Hulk, and Black Widow away. He runs fastly away and goes in his jet and flies away. Red Hulk is very angry, but Hulk calms him down.

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