Eddie has brown hair and a stubble and was thin and weak until he began bodybuilding and he became very muscular and strong. As Venom, Eddie is very large and muscular has symbiotic black skin and a fanged face with large white eyes and spider-like patterns on his chest and back.


Catching Dmitri Smerdyakov Edit

Eddie was Catholic lived in San Francisco with his unloving father until he moved to New York to go to collage and became a photographer for the Daily Bugle. After he took a picture of Spider-Man breaking into Pepper Potts' house, which put a bounty for murder on Spider-Man's head, and it was revealed that Spider-Man was framed by Dmitri Smerdyakov, Eddie was shamed at work and was eventually fired after weeks of poor work. Eddie sank into alcoholism and his wife divorced him. He

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was so stressed, he began bodybuilding to distract himself.

Becoming Venom Edit

After almost a year of constant pain and suffering, Eddie made his way to a Catholic church in Hell's Kitchen where he lived and he prayed for his suffering to end, but got so worked up and depressed that he broke into the back of the church and found a rope and began to tie a noose. As he was fitting his head through it, he heard screaming and the church bells going off. He looked up and saw a guy tearing off a slimy organic black suit that was thrashing and hissing. The guy peeled it off and it fell down and landed on Eddie. Eddie screamed as it consumed him and he became Venom.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • As Venom, Eddie has superhuman strength, stamina, and reflexes.
  • Eddie is very strong and muscular.
  • Eddie is a very skilled photographer.
  • As Venom, Eddie can generate web-like organic matter from his body.
  • As Venom, Eddie has fangs, claws, and various symbiotic powers.

Trivia Edit

  • Eddie goes to the same church that Matt Murdock goes to.


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