The Duel in Houston is a conflict in Moon Knight.



Moon Knight and Werewolf by Night wanted to stop Raoul Bushman because he did both something to them. Moon Knight was left to death by him. Werewolf by Night is a Werewolf because of him.


They went to his house. They smashed in his door and went in. At first, he looked not home. But then he attacked them he smashed down Jack. And he saw Marc and said: "Marc, you came back for me, and now you have this silly costume?" Marc battled him again. They fought in his house and Marc pushed Bushman into a window. He fell through the window on the ground. He ran away and took his car. Marc said:"You ran away, you bastard". Marc jumped also in the car. They fought in the car until the car drove in a lampost. Marc fell out of the car. Bushman, still alive, ran away again. Marc strubbled towards him. He uses his power to stand up and runs to him. He runs very fast to him and takes him down. They fight on the street. Marc hits Bushman, who is later severely injured. "This is for me, this is for Jack and this is for everything," an angry moon knight says. Later he walks away. Bushman, who has also power, uses it to heal and stands up again. He rans to Moon Knight to take revenge but he is later hitted by a riding car. Marc watches behind him and sees Bushman lying to the street. He is again severly injured. The driver of the car steps out and sees Moon Knight. He says: Wtf, it isn't Halloween already!!" and he walks scared away. Marc says: "If you can't die on your own way, I will kill you". Marc uses his power and kills Bushman. Russel walks out of the house and sees Moon Knight standing at Bushman's body. The Werewolf says:"oh, I am too late: and he congratulates Moon Knight. They take his body back to the house and walk away.

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