Duel in Chicago is a conflict in Moon Knight.


Moon Knight and his friends celebrated the victory after they defeated Raoul Bushman, but Bushman was still alive and attacked them.


During Moon Knight's party, an alive Bushman camecin the house and he got Marlene. Mark was very anxious that he will kill him. Bushman said: You can't kill me, but I can kill you. So what would you think if I kill her? On that moment Sharon shot Bushman in his leg and Marc attacked him. Spector wanted to use hs power again tl stay alive again, but Spector was faster and used his power against him. They turned to another realm. Marc used all his power to Bushman. Bushman exploded and turned into a skeleton. They both returned and Bushman's skeleton fell on the ground. Marlend and Frenchie were very shocked. Spector walked to Marlene if she was alright.

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