Dracula: Rise of Dark its the first installment of the New-X Dark Universe.

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It is based on the Count Dracula and the vampires.

Plot Edit

In 1450, the Romanian prince Vlad Tepes contacts with an elder sorcerer named Meldrikov. Vlad tells Meldrikov that the Otoman Empire wants to kill him and his family, and the Ottomans are stronger than the romanian forces, so Meldrikov says that he can give Vlad supernatural powers to protect himself, his family and his kingdom. Meldrikov says that he is now a creature known as vampire, and if he absorbs the blood of a person during a period of three days, he will turn into a vampire forever. Then the title of the movie appears.

In 2013, the detective Nicholas Lumiere is hired by the Nova Agence, an organization dedicated to investigate supernatural cases. The CEO of the Nova Agence, Everett Randall, wants him to investigate the case of the appearence of vampires in Romania, and he is sent alongside another detectives: Jenna Jackson, Kale Fields, Ada Fletcher, Jayden Peterson and Gerald Cadeson. They take a plane to Bucarest, Romania. When they arrive into the city, they interview the people of Bucarest to get information about the vampires. They are divided in teams: The Team 1 is formed by Kale and Ada, the Team 2 is formed by Nicholas and Jenna and the Team 3 is formed by Jayden and Gerald.

The same day, Nicholas and Jenna investigate the case of a woman who was found dead in the streets of Bucarest, the captain of the police, Adam Petrov, says that she was probably murdered by a vampire, because he found a pair of red and bloody spots on the neck of the woman. When they arrive to the forensic office, they meet Ivan Karishnikov, the leader of the forense team of the police of Bucarest. When Nicholas and Jenna leftt the room, Ivan asks Adam for a private talk. Ivan reveals that he is a vampire and he slices Adam with his hands, killing him, and then, he bites him in the neck leaving him a pair of red and bloody spots.

Nicholas hears screams, so he and Jenna go to the room and they find the bodies of Ivan and Adam, so they call their teammates to tell them about the foundlight, and Jenna tells the story to the other detectives, Gerald says that he meets the perfect person to solve the vampire cases. The team enters into a bar where they find a man attacking another man, who was drunk, that was menacing him with a knive, the other man takes the knife away and knocks out his enemy, however, Gerald calls the man, and he sits with the group into a table. The man says that his name is Edward van Helsing, and he asks what´s the problem. Gerald tells the story to Van Helsing, and he started to speech on his own.

He says that he formerly was a doctor that lived in England, until he found a patient who wanted to stop being a vampire. He decided to investigate about the vampires and when he decided to tell the autorithies about his discovery, they called him "Crazy" and "Insane Man", and then, he drove man and was conducted into an asylum, however, he scaped and hided into Bucarest. Nicholas tells Van Helsing about their investigation, and, after he drinks a beer glass, Van Helsing says that the Count Dracula is the responsible of all, he says that Dracula is the lord of the vampires who lives into a dimension named the Dark Dimension, and the only way to enter on his dimension is by spilling the blood of five vampires inside the Bran Castle, in Transilvania after the sun disappears.

With the authorization of Everett, the group takes a plane to Transilvania, and, in the plane, Ada faces Ivan alongside her. Ada wonders and asks Ivan why he is here, because he was supposed to be dead. Ivan revealed to everyone that he is a vampire, however, Van Helsing faces him and slices him with a stake, killing him, and also, Van Helsing throws Ivan´s body throught the window. Finally, the plane arrives into Transilvania, and they visit the Bran Castle during the night. Van Helsign rises a belt of bottles with the blood of four vampires he killed in the bar plus the blood of Ivan that was also capsuled into a bottle. When Van Helsing spills the blood of the vampires on the floor, the floord opened raising a dark purple shine, the ground around the castle opens and Dracula appears.

Van Helsing tries to slice Dracula with a stake with his crucifix, however, Dracula incinerated the crucifix with his dark fire, and says "I´m different from all the vampires you have faced in your life". Dracula tries to kill Van Helsing, however, he teleports and says "I learned some tricks from a trustful guy" and runs away. Van Helsing gives the rest of the team weapons to fight Dracula, and they split into different ways. When Jayden separes from Gerald, Dracula appears in front of him and drains his live energy, and also slices him with his hand and bites him in the neck. Kale and Ada ran to the forest, where Dracula appears and kidnapps Ada and takes her to the ruins of his castle, however, he is followed by Kale. He finds Ada, who is mortally wounded. Ada kisses Kale and says that she really loved him despite her previous reject against him. Dracula drains Ada´s live energy and laughts, and he creates a dark sword to slice Kale, kill him and leaving red spots on Ada and Kale´s corpses. Dracula teleports to the Transilvania city to destroy it.

Nicholas and Jenna found the dead body of Jayden and they carry him into the ruins of Dracula´s castle, where they find the corpses of Kale and Ada. Both scream and they face Gerald and Van Helsing in the foret. They told them about the death of Kale, Ada and Jayden, Van Helsing says that Dracula will attack Transilvania, so they run to the city, that was being destroyed by Dracula and the vampires. Finally, Dracula destroys the city, and Van Helsing faces him and was able to wound him with a stake on his head, Dracula gets weakened and he returns to his castle, sworing vengeance against the team.

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