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Destroy Donald Trump is a song that Bill Clinton and other members of the NSCAT sing in the movie Political Debate. Waka Flocka Flame is also featured in a guest verse.


Bill Clinton: We need to kill Trump's anus! 

He's better than us, he's better than us! 

But that won't stop us, he has an evil radius!

We need to fricking Destroy Donald Trump!

Agent 1: We can't have a corrupt prez!

Agent 2: He is a fricking dumbhead!

Agent 1: He's destroying Isis, that's our allies, now they're dead!

Hillary Clinton: I hate Trump, but I don't think he's really profane

Bill: Come on, honey, we could stab his veins!

Barack Obama: I dislike him but he didn't do much to danger us.

Bill: He'll kill you in a second as soon as he gets the gunpowder dust!

We need to Destroy fricking Donald Trump!

All except Hillary and Obama: We need to fricking Destroy Donald Trump!

We can't have our country to have someone who is dumb!

And if you aren't convinced yet that he's a big asshole,

Then maybe Waka Flocka Flame will tell you so!

Waka Flocka Flame: Call me Waka Flocka Flame!

Hillary Clinton, she the best in the game!

Donald Trump, he don't deserve the fame

If something harms the country, then he's the one to blame!

Yeah, we showing up hot in a Mercedez

In the game, Hillary's hotter than Hades

1017 democrat, Clinton all the way

21 gun salute every fricking day


All except Hillary and Obama: We need to fricking Destroy Donald Trump!

Let's poison him with a pump!

Donald Trump, he doesn't deserve the fame

Hillary Clinton, she's the best in the game!

We just need to fricking Destroy Donald Trump!