It is all white then it fades in on a hospital. We hear crying from in a specific room. We hear the nurse whisper "It's a girl." Then the mother says, "Oh my gosh, i have a headache. can she be quiet? she's a crybaby." Then then the older brother mistakes 'Crybaby' as the name of his new little sister. So he wrote 'Crybaby' on the birth certificate along with the birthday, March 14, 2016. As she continues crying, the mother seems to not care for Crybaby. She is seen to try and feed her but crybaby refuses, so she leaves.

We fade in on the inside of a beautiful house. They're all sleeping. Then Jeff the Killer breaks in through the window and fucking kills them all

then they die

the end

(ps i wrote johnny depp and asked him to make this movie and he wrote back with "fucking stop" i think it's working)

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