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Consequences of a Plane Crash is an original movie idea by FranceSwitzerland.


A normal school class goes on a holiday with the plane. But the plane is shot out of the sky by unknown criminals. The plane crashes and lots of people inside of it die. The last survivors must survive in the place the plane crashed. Also they want to take revenge on the people who did it. One of the survivors is Roger Kane. All his friends die in the crash. He has a crush on another survivor called Madelyn Stevenson. She already has boyfriend that also survives the crash. But her best friend is Megan McCarthy. They all want to survive.


It starts at a school. Roger Kane goes out of a school bus. It's another school day. He walks on the schoolyard. At the schoolyard, he sees Richard Twain, a friend of him. They go together to the first lesson. Roger and Richard are the first in the classroom. All other students aren't there yet. Jonathon Dawson and Thomas Mulligan also come inside. They are followed by not important other students. Kaylee Hughes comes after them, as well as others. The last ones who come in the classroom are Christian McNeil with his girlfriend Madelyn Stevenson and Megan McCarthy. Roger is looking at Christan and Madelyn. He is jealous. After it, the lesson starts. The whole class is preparing themself for the big journey they will do. Their school exists 50 year and to celebrate it, the whole school goes on holiday to something. But they don't know what. Their teacher finally announces where they go to. He says: "I'm glad to announce you that we go to India and after it we also go to Paris!!" Some time later, the lesson ends.

The days go fastly further. On the last day before it, Roger is walking somewhere. He sees Megan. They can find it very good with each other. Megan is with her friend Madelyn. Roger doesn't knows her very well. Megan wants to smoke and goes away. Roger and Madelyn stay behind with each other. They start talking. But it is interrupted by Christian. He doesn't wants that another boy talks with his girlfriend. Madelyn goes away. Christian wants to fight with Roger. He also says: "I know you want to steal my girl". He smashes Roger hardly and also goes away. Roger hates him very much. He goes back home and can't wait for tomorrow.

The next day, they are all on the airport in Los Angeles. Everybody is glad and can't wait for it. Roger and Richard go together in the plane. Inside the plane, Roger sees Christian, Madelyn and Megan. They are all sitting next to each other. Roger goes sit somewhere. Richard is disagreed about that place and goes sit next to another friend of him. Roger is sitting alone. Some minutes later, the plane takes off and the flight starts. Roger is watching outside. He has never traveled with a plane before. He only sees water, water and water. They fly above the Pacific Ocean. During the flight, they all get a book with everything they will do in Delhi and Paris. Roger is very curious how big the Taj-Mahal and Eiffel Tower are. Some hours later, it is night. It's totally dark outside. On the plane are also toilets. Roger goes to it. Christian is bored and sees him going to it. He follows him. When Roger wants to close the door of the toilet, Christian attacks him. He says: "We weren't done yesterday." It makes Roger very angry. A fight starts. At the end of it, Christian smashes Roger hardly against the wall. The fight is interrupted by their teacher. He stops the fight and says: "Christian!! Your punishment will be that the rest of the flight you will be sitting next to me!" Christian is very angry and says to Roger: "I will kill you when you touch my girl with one hand." After it, Roger goes back to his place. He sees that almost everybody is sleeping. But Jonathan and Thomas are still awake. Madelyn and Megan are sleeping. Roger also goes sleep.

That night, Roger almost don't sleep. He looks a lot at Madelyn. He asks himself: "Why so hot girl has so stupid boyfriend???" Also that night, Christian goes off his seat. The teacher is sleeping. He goes to a room that is forbidden to enter. He closes all the contact, so they can't track the plane. It disappears from the radar.

The next day, Roger fastly wakes up. Madelyn and Megan too. They talk a lot with each other. Roger doesn't even knows where Richard is sitting. But he doesn't cares. Somewhere in the morning, Megan wants to smoke again and goes to a special room inside the plane for smokers. Kaylee also goes to it. She smokes too. Roger and Madelyn stay alone. The part of the plane they are sitting is very lonely. They are both bored. Roger is watching outside. He still doesn't sees Asia. Some minutes later, he suddenly hears Madelyn asking something to him. "It's a great view out of the plane, isn't it?" Madelyn asks. She also comes sit next to Roger. "Yes it is." Roger shortly answers. Madelyn continues and says: "I'm sorry that Christian is so disrespectful to you. That's how he is and how I know him. He also has a good side. That's why I love him." Roger answers: "I don't even know why you love him. For me, he doesn't has a good side. He is always stupid to me. He even says I am stealing you from him. Absolute untrue." "He doesn't wants to lose me. That's why he is so stupid to you." Madelyn says. Roger continues: You should dump him. You can get much better than him." But Madelyn ignores him. Megan comes back and they start talking. But she doesn't goes sit with them, Madelyn and she go back to their places. Fortunately, Madelyn asks to Roger: "Do you want come at us?" "Of course" Roger answers. He already likes the flight very much. He also knows he loves Madelyn.

Madelyn and Megan talk a lot with each other. Roger sometimes also say things. He also looks outside. They finally are in Asia and fly over land again. Madelyn and Megan are glad to hear that. Christian is still sitting next to their teacher. Suddenly when the teacher is busy with something, he takes a look in the plane. To his surprise, he sees Roger sitting with Madelyn and Megan. He is very angry inside of him, but knows what's coming.

Later, it becomes dark again. They all are very tired. Lots of children ask of they are almost there. The teacher doesn't reacts, he knows they still have to fly lots of hours and that the next day they will reach Delhi. Roger, Madelyn and Megan are still talking, but Megan falls in sleep. Madelyn says to Roger that she wants to sleep. Roger also tries to sleep, but he just can't. He looks at Madelyn, she is fell in sleep. He also watches at the plane. He thinks it's around 00:00 AM. He watches again at Madelyn. But suddenly, some hard sound comes and Madelyn wakes up. She sees that Roger looks at her. "What's going on?" She asks to him. Megan is still sleeping. "Nothing, I just can't sleep". "I will give you some more room" Madelyn says. "Thanks" Roger says. He loves her so much. Later, he falls in sleep. However, around 03:00 AM he wakes up. Roger doesn't feels right. He sees that Madelyn and Megan are just sleeping. He stands up and watches at the plane. Everybody is sleeping. Suddenly, he hears something. He also sees something moving. It's Christian! He goes to the smokers room. Rogers finds it very weird. Why he goes smoke at 03:00 AM? Also the sound becomes louder and louder. The sound is very familiar, but Roger doesn't knows preciously what it is. It becomes very loud and Roger knows what it is: a rocket! Only a few seconds later, a huge explosion comes. The only thing Roger sees is that everybody awakes and the plane is totally on fire. He knows a plane crash will follow. Madely and Megan also wake up. They don't know what to do and are very upset. Roger fastly thinks: What is the best place to stay when a plane crash? He suddenly knows a place: the bags place. Megan runs away. Madelyn cries and thinks she will die. Roger grabs her, throws the bags of other children out of it and he and Madelyn go in it. The fire goes on the full plane. Some minutes later, it totally crashes on the ground. Roger wakes up. He sees Madelyn lying near of him. He is very glad of himself. He has saved the hot girl. The plane stands quiet on the ground. Madelyn also wakes up. She immediatly wants to know of Megan and Christian are all right. Megan comes to them. They are both very glad to see each other alive. Roger also stand up. They all had luck, on the other place of the plane, everybody is death. Roger know feels terrible. He couldn't save his best friend. He stands up. He also sees Christian. He thinks in himself: "What a surprise (sarcasm), that idiot is still alive." Roger walks further in the plane and sees lots of death bodies. He watches and sees the death body of their teacher. He also sees Jonathan and Thomas. They are alive and are still sitting on their places. They had very good luck. Roger searches for Richard and later finds him. He is death. Roger gets some tears and doesn't feels right. He watches outside and that makes him even feel more sad, they are landed somewhere in the mountains. Roger knows is could be Nepal, China, Bhutan or India where they have crashed. Later it's totally clear who all survived: It are Roger, Madelyn, Megan, Christian, Jonathan, Thomas, Kaylee and 3 other children Roger doesn't knows very well. Roger also decides to take a look at the cockpit. Madelyn follows him. He sees that both pilots are also death. Madelyn is very sad. Christian wants to help her. But it makes Roger very angry. He runs to Christian and attacks him. He hardly screams: "He is the one that did everything! He send us into death!" Christian smashes him hardly away. None of the other children believe him. Roger continues later: "I was awake before the plane crashed. I saw Christian. He went to the smokers room. Also known as the best place to stay when the plane crash." Madelyn asks to Christian: "Is that right what he says?" "Of course not!" Christian screams and continues: "He has always hated me and gives me the fault of everything." Roger is very angry inside of him, but knows they all not believe him. He has to think about doing something else. Jonathan and Thomas go outside and see they are in the mountains. They all take all food and useful stuff they need. Christian says to Roger: "So what will we do now smart guy?" Roger says: "Look at him, he even laughs about that we have crashed!" Madelyn, Megan and the others are very tired of it and they go out of the almost completely broken plane. It's very sparsely populated in the place they landed, so they know nobody will come to help them.

They all are very tired and decide to sleep some hours. Christian totally exclude Roger and wants Madelyn to sleep next to him. Megan also goes sleep to them. Luckily, they have brought a huge tent with them. They would originally only need it when they made a trip in the jungles of India, but now it's very important. Later, Christian is sleeping. Roger is totally done with him. He sees that Jonathan, Thomas, Kaylee and the other 3 children are all sleeping. He goes lie next to Madelyn. He knows she isn't sleeping yet. In this fight against him, she must be on his side. He asks to her: "Do you believe me?" She answers: "No I am sorry. Christian would never do something like this." Roger is angry that she doesn't even thanks him for saving her life, but loves her too much to say something about it. He also trusts her totally and tells her everything he has seen. She starts to believe him more, but she also asks herself: Why he tells this all to me? Later, she says that she wants to sleep. Roger agrees and he goes back to the place where he was, so Christian can't see he has talked to her. He doesn't even knows of they will survive this, but he is too tired and falls in sleep.

The next day, they all awake fastly. The 3 boys Roger doesn't know are very childish and run out of the tent. Thomas and Jonathan want to be very cool and go after them. Kaylee is sitting alone again. Christian is an idiot again. Megan and Madelyn are talking with each other, but Christian walks to them. He sees that Roger is looking at him. On that moment, he kisses Madelyn wanting Roger to become jealous. But he just ignores it and walks out of the tent. Megan follows him. She asks him something: "So what do you think we should do now?" Roger answers: "The only thing we can do is try to survive." Christian wants to take off Madelyn's clothes, but he sees that Roger is gone. He and Madelyn also go out of the tent. Christian puts the tent back in the smaller version and throws it to Roger. He has to carry it. Roger is angry, but doesn't reacts. After that, they want to walk away. There isn't any help coming and they have decided to search for help. However on that moment, a sniper is sitting on a mountain not far away from them. He sees the 8 children. He goes to the 3 other unnamed children. He shoots on them. The first is hitten and falls death on the ground. The others try to run away, but it's too later and another is hitten. The 3rd one survives it. Suddenly, the sniper stops with shooting. Roger sees him and runs to him. The sniper sees it and fastly shoots himself in the head. Roger looks at the death body. He has seen so much death bodies already that he isn't scared of it anymore. Jonathan and Thomas also run to it. Christian, Madelyn and Megan follow. Kaylee looks at the 2 children who are death. The other one is very scared. Roger is angry and walks away. Christian softly laughs.

The 6 remaining children go further. It's cold outside, but not snowing. Roger wants to find out where that sniper was working for. Christian wants to lead and walks faster than Roger. He is okay with that. They all search of there are even people living somewhere, but it's totally abandoned. While they are walking. Thomas and Jonathan are very slow. Christian is very annoyed of it. He angrily says: "You snails walk faster, we don't have time!" He wants to kick Jonathan, but it's interrupted by Madelyn. She says: "Stop Christian! You go too far." Christian is angry, but accepts it. They walk further and further. Roger, Christian, Madelyn and Megan walk with each other, Kaylee and the other boy follow. They talk a lot with each other. After them are Jonathan and Thomas. Some hours later, they are all very tired. Roger makes the tent again. While he is making it, he sees that Kaylee and the other boy (Who is called Tom) are kissing. Thomas and Jonathan are laughing. Roger goes inside the tent. Christian wants to kiss Madelyn, but she also walks in the tent. Megan follows her. Later it becomes dark again. They all go sleep very fast. Kaylee goes with Tom to bed and they probably have sex. Thomas and Jonathan talk a lot before they go sleep with each other. Megan and Madelyn want to sleep witch each other, but Christian disturbs it. He is totally tired of it. He pushes Megan hardly away. He grabs Madelyn closes the cabin. Inside the cabin, he takes off their clothes. He wants to have sex with her before it's too late. Megan is angry, but goes sleep inside another cabin. Roger stays behind. At first he just wants to ignore it, but he finds it too pathetic for Madelyn. He thinks he is raping her. He opens the cabin and asks to Christian: "What the hell are you doing?" Christian looks at him. Roger sees that he is totally naked. Christian fastly takes on some clothes and attacks Roger. He picks up a knife and they start fighting. Roger wants to kill Christian before it's too late. He goes out of the tent and Christian follows him. It's totally dark outside and they can barely see each other in the dark. Christian suddenly attacks Roger. He pushes him back. Christian runs to Roger, but he grabs him and smashes him after him. The only thing he hears is Christian screaming. Later he watches after him and sees that Christian is fall off the mountain. He doesn't even sees him anymore. Roger feels terrible immediatly after it. He has killed someone. He knows everybody will hate him. At first he doesn't wants to go back in the tent. But later he does. It's totally quiet. Roger wants to see of Madelyn is all right. He goes inside the cabin. She is injured lying on the bed. Roger runs to her and ask: "Are you all right?" Madelyn ignores that, but asks: "Is he death?" Roger simply answers: "I did what I had to do." Madelyn is very glad and says: "Thank you very much". She continues: "Please stay at me this night. I feel very scared. Maybe he will come back." Of course Roger doesn't ignores that and goes sleep next to her. They both fastly fall in sleep.

The next day, Roger sleeps very long and well. He feels very good now. The others don't ask about Christian's disappearance. They feel better without him. That morning, they eat all of Christian's food. Roger tells that Christian caused suicide. The others laugh about that. Also Roger tries to find a village near of them where they can ask people for help, but there is nothing at all. Madelyn is a lot more with Megan now since Christian is gone. Tom and Kaylee kiss a lot with each other and when they have time, they even have sex with each other. Roger is annoyed of Jonathan and Thomas. They become even more annoying every day. But after all the group goes further. They are very high in the mountains. They all follow Roger. Altough they believe he is doing it good, they don't say anything about it. Roger feels lonely. All others have someone. After some hours, they take a break. Roger goes sit next to Madelyn and Megan. They don't even see it and talk further with each other. Roger listens to their conversation. Tom and Kaylee go away to the other side of the mountain they are on. Roger thinks they want to have sex one more time and accepts it. Jonathan and Thomas are very childish again. Roger is bored and decides to take a look in the bag of Christian. He finds a gun in it and some other shit. HMadelyn sees it and wants to get it. "Give that to me" she says. Roger does that and gives it to her. Megan is also very interested in it. At the time they want to take a look in it, it's interrupted by Kaylee that screams: "No no no! Tom is gone!" After it, Kaylee starts crying. They all want to search for Tom, even Jonathan and Thomas. After some searching, Roger decides to take a look at the back of the mountain. He looks and sees the terrible truth: a hung up Tom. Next to the death body of Tom are in blood letters made. It says: 'REVENGE!!!'. Madelyn also goes to the back of the mountain and sees it too. Roger doesn't wants her to see it, but it's too late. Madelyn is very shocked. Roger helps her and says that it is all right and that he will protect her. Later all others also come and see it too. Jonathan and Thomas find it very badass. Kaylee cries very hard and runs away. Megan goes to Madelyn and Roger. Jonathan, Thomas, Madelyn and Megan all go back to the front of the mountain. Roger looks one more time to it and sees a paper lying on the ground. He picks it up and reads the message: 'You all gonna die! I'm your worst nightmare! Roger doesn't wants that the others reads it and throws it off the mountain. He walks back to the front of the nightmare. Madelyn and Megan fastly come to him and say: "Kaylee tried to cause suicide!!!" Jonathan and Thomas have grabbed her. Roger goes to Kaylee and says to her: "I know he meant much for you, but we have to survive this all." Kaylee answers: "No, we will all die and I want to be with him in heaven." Kaylee smashes Jonathan and Thomas away and runs away. Madelyn and Megan want to stop her, but they fail. Luckily, Kaylee doesn't tries again to cause suicide.

That night, Roger, Madelyn and Megan all take a look in the bag of Christian. Roger shows the gun to Madelyn and Megan. They are very shocked, especially Madelyn. Roger says: "I told all of you. He participated in the group of criminals that shot the plane out of the sky." Madelyn and Megan finally believe him. Suddenly, Kaylee comes to them. She sees the gun. "Give it to me!" She hardly screams. Roger, Madelyn and Megan all don't want to give it. Kaylee becomes very agressive. She first smashes Megan away and after her Madelyn. Roger knows what she wants to do it. "Please don't do it!" he shouts, but it is too later. Kaylee picks up the gun and runs out of the tent. Madelyn asks: "Why the hell she wants that gun so much?" Roger answers: "You will hear it in a few seconds." Some seconds later, lots of gunshots are heard. Roger, Madelyn and Megan run out of the tent, Jonathan and Thomas follow them. They find the death body of Kaylee on the ground. They aren't shocked at all. Roger and Thomas throw the body off the mountain in a deep hole. After that, they all decide to sleep. Thomas and Jonathan of course go sleep with each other. Very surprisingly, Megan goes sleep alone. Roger doesn't understands it. He is still sitting somewhere till Madelyn comes to him. "Do you want to sleep next to me?" Roger answers: "Of course." Madelyn continues: "I don't want the same destiny as Tom. I feel very safe with you." "Thanks for that" Roger says and they all go to their sleep cabin. Madelyn takes off her clothes. Roger says: "I think you want me to don't look at that." "It doesn't matter" Madelyn answers. After that, they go sleep. Madelyn fastly falls in sleep. Roger doesn't. He has a very bad feeling. He doesn't understand why. He is sleeping next to the hottest lady he knows and still feels bad. Some minutes later he rather falls in sleep.

In the middle of the night, Roger wakes up. He thinks he hears something. Madelyn also wakes up. They hear a very hard sound. "What's that sound?" Madelyn anxious says. Roger wants her to be quiet. Out of nowhere, the door of the tent is opened. Roger and Madelyn hear that Jonathan and Thomas go out of their cabin and take a look. After it, they hear lots of bullets. Madelyn becomes even more anxious. She embraces Roger and they disappear under their blankets. It doesn't stops with bullets. Madelyn thinks they will die. Roger also knows this could be the end. Some minutes later, it is quiet. He hears the people going out of the tent. Roger and Madelyn are still embracing each other. Roger looks at her. He is very glad she isn't hitten. He whispers to her: "Are you all right?" She very softly answers: "Yes, I think." Around a half hour later, Roger decides to go out of the bed. Madelyn is still very anxious and stay in the bed. Roger softly opens the cabin. He fastly sees the death bodies of Jonathan and Thomas lying on the ground. Now, Roger sees how many luck they had. He takes a look at the cabin of Megan. He sees the death body of Megan lying on the bed. She is hitten with lots of bullets. Roger is so shocked that he falls on the ground. He starts crying. He loses every hope and knows that he has failed. Madelyn comes to him and also sees it all. She is also crying and comes on the ground to Roger. They are embracing again. Roger doesn't knows what to do. They are the only ones left. Roger doesn't wants to fail one more time and knows that he has to protect Madelyn with his life. She must survive. She is the only reason to stay alive.

Roger and Madelyn just go further. They don't say a lot to each other. Madelyn is still sad of Megan's death. Roger wants to take revenge on the people that try to kill them. He also wants to find people to help them, but there is still no one. Madelyn follows him. She believes he is doing it good. Somewhere in the middle of the day, they decide to take a short break. Roger asks to Madelyn: "Are you already feeling better?" Madelyn answers: "Sadly, I don't" Roger continues: "I will kill all those idiots who have done this." Madelyn shockedly asks: "You will kill people?" Roger answers: "Yes, because I have to. They will kill us if we won't. And I just want to protect. I don't want you to die." Madelyn says: "You shouldn't give your life to protect me, but I really thank you for that. Why do you actually want to protect me so much?" Roger answers: "You are the only one I have and you don't deserve to die." Madelyn says: "I am glad you killed Christian. And I already know why you protect me so much." Roger says: "Yes, you do?" Madelyn answers: "Of course I do. You are already the whole time looking of I am all right and you wouldn't hate Christian so much if you didn't." Roger says: "I am sorry I have never told you it. I am bad in this. You are just very beautiful and the hottest girl I know." Madelyn says: "Thanks for saying that. I am still thinking about it." Roger says: "Okay thanks."

Later they go further. At the end of the day, they go in the tent again. Madelyn is scared again. Roger is very desperate to get revenge. They talk a bit with each other and not much after that, Madelyn decides to go sleep. She asks: "You won't come with me?" Roger: "No, I will wait for these idiots to come." Madelyn asks again: "You think they will come again tonight? They think they have killed everybody in this tent, right?" Roger answers: "They see that the tent is gone and is on another place. They will sure come." Madelyn becomes very sad and says: "Please don't die. You are the only one I have." But she can't stop Roger from doing what he want. Later she goes sleep. Roger goes out of the tent. It's totally dark outside. He picks up the gun of Christian and a flashlight. He shines with the flashlight and hardly screams: "You see? I am still alive! Come and get me!" Madelyn is crying and thinks Roger will die. Roger is still shining with the flashlight and suddenly he hears something. Some seconds after it, he is attacked by some men. The first one smashes him hard away. Roger fastly attacks him back. He sees it are 5 men that attack him. He shoots with the gun. He hits one. Roger feels very weird. He has killed someone. However, he fastly shoots more and hits others. The remaining men become very angry. The first one smashes the gun out of the hands of Roger. They fall on the ground. The other man runs to the gun and wants to pick it up. Roger is fasther and grabs it. He shoots the man throug his belly and he falls death on the ground. The last man kicks Roger hardly away. He stands up and picks up the gun. Roger asks: "Who the hell are you? And why do you want to kill us?" The man says: "You shouldn't have survived that plane crash. Also you killed lots of our men." Roger answers: "Yes, I did because I had to. You started all of this! Your group were the ones that shot the plane out of the sky." The man answers: "Finally you know it. But now you will die!!!" The man shoots a lot of times. Madelyn hears it all. She is very scared and thinks the men have killed Roger. She starts crying. In the nex shot, Roger fastly attacks the man who has missed him. He smashes the gun out of his hands and grabs him at his neck. Roger says: "No you was wrong. There is only one man that has to die and that is you." Roger strangles the man and later he is death. He stands up. He throws all the bodies in an abyss off the mountain. He goes back inside the tent. Inside, he sees that he has a lot of wounds. He goes to the cabin where Madelyn lies. She is very scared. He walks to her, but suddenly she attacks him. Roger falls on the ground. Madelyn says: "Oh, I'm very sorry. I didn't know it was you. I thought you was death?" Roger answers: "The murderers of Megan has got what they deserved." Madelyn is very glad and says: "Thank you very much. How can I thank you for that?" Roger says: "You don't have to. I just want to protect you" Madelyn suddenly sees the wounds of Roger. "You have lots of wounds, so pathetic!" She goes to her and grabs him. Roger doesn't knows what she wants. She pushes him on the bed. Madelyn takes of the clothes of Roger. Roger says: "Don't look too much at it. I'm all right." Madelyn answers: "No you are injured. I want to help you." She picks up some bandage and puts it on Roger. Roger thanks her for that. Madelyn says: "Is there anything else I need to do for you" Roger answers: "No, I don't need anything. Maybe we should go sleep." Madelyn says: "Yes? Please come in my hands." Roger again doesn't understand what she means. Madelyn says: "Don't be so shy, come at me." Roger does it and cuddles with her. Madelyn says: "You deserve this." Suddendly, she kisses him. They take off each other clothes. It all happens very fast. They fall on the bed again. Madelyn puts the blankets over them. They kiss a lot with each other an fall in sleep in each other's hands.

The next day, they sleep very long. They both think they are safe now since Roger has killed all the idiots. Roger and Madelyn just go further. After some hours walking again, Roger sees very far away of them a city. He and Madelyn are both very glad. But they still have to walk lots of kilometers. That day, just everything goes normal. In the night, they go in the tent again. It's too big for only 2 people, but they don't care that much. Roger and Madelyn talk a bit with each other. It's about lots of things and they discover that they have lots of things they both like. After it, they go sleep. Madelyn has it very cold. She goes lying straight next to Roger. Later they kiss again with each other. They both know that they love each other. After it, they even have sex. Madelyn wanted it. Not much later they both fall in sleep. The next day again, they know they will reach the city. They walk lots of hours and then they finally reach it. Madelyn runs to it, but Roger sees something in the bushes. He runs to it, but it's already too late. Some men comes out of the bushes. They grab Madelyn and Roger fights against them. He picks up his gun, but the men are stronger and smashes it away. Roger is smashed to the ground. He watches at the city. Nobody helps them. One of the men walks to Roger and starts talking: "Finally we got you. It was harder than expected. I am Gabriel Newman. Now you will be punished for all of our men that you have killed!" Gabriel picks up a gun and shoots through Roger. It's narcoses him. Madelyn is very angry, but the men grab her and she can't do anything. Later she also gets a bullet in her and is also in narcose. The men throws Roger and Madelyn in a cage that is on a car. They drive away.

Lots of hours later, Roger wakes up. It's like he is dreaming, but sadly it is true. He opens his eyes and is very surprised who is standing before him. It's Christian! "No no no" Roger says. Christian laughs very hard and says: "Welcome Roger. You was right all the time, but nobody thought you was." Roger asks: "Where is Madelyn?" Christian answers: "She is safe and will never be touched anymore by an idiot like you!" Roger says: "She doesn't loves you and never did! Now she knows that you are a killer she will sure hates you very much! So what do you wanted to get with this?" Christian says: "Let me explain this. After you thought you killed me, I just survived and made a plan to kill all of you. Tom, Kaylee, Jonathan, Thomas and Megan were all so weak. You didn't wanted to die, so here is what you will get!" Gabriel walks in the room. Christian says: "Bring him to his new home." Roger doesn't knows what he means with that, but knows it will be terrible. Gabriel walks to Roger kicks him and grabs him. They walk throught the complete building. During this walk, Roger sees a cage with lots of womans in it. He finds it very weird and pathethic. Next to it is a cage with lots of men. There are even more in that cage as the womans. Before Roger knows it, Gabriel smashes him a hole he doesn't even saw. He comes in a pipe that ends in the cage. All men are looking at him. They don't like it. Roger wonders who they are. They are with so much in the cage that they don't even have enough space to stand somewhere. Roger sees one small free space and goes stand on it. All the people go further with their things. Most are doing nothing and just sitting somewhere. Roger goes sit on the ground and knows this will be the end. He suddenly hears somebody saying something to him: "Hi, I am John. Who are you?" Roger answers: "I'm Roger. Nice to meet you." John goes further: "I always like it to meet new people that come in this cage. How did you came here?" Roger answers: "That's a long story. But I sure will have enough time to tell it. Can I ask you something?" John says: "Of course you can." Roger answers: "Okay why we are all in one small cage and are all men and women splitted off each other?" John answers: "Fucking Christian wants that and he also wants us to die. Almost every day there come new people in this cage. I was one of the first in this cage. Sometimes they bring some of us out of the cage and they will vote of we can leave this cage. The chances are so low that you can leave. I haven't even seen someone leaving this cage." Roger answers: "Okay thanks. I'm feeling very bad." John asks: "Why preciously?" Roger says: "There was a woman with me. We love each other, but I don't know where she is." John answers: "She is probably in the cage of womans." Roger answers: "I don't think so." John says: "No all girls here are brought to that. Oh and in the cage of the womans is also a very beautiful one. I lover her and hope to marry her if we will ever get out of her." Roger says: "I hope Madelyn will be all right" John fastly after it says: "Wait, you want to say that Madelyn Stevenson is the girl you mean?" Roger answers: "Yes? What about her?" John says: "Fucking Christian has it the whole time about her. So that idiot has her now?" Roger answers: "Yes he has her." John says: "There were also 2 weeks that fucking Christian was gone and he wanted to get that girl." Roger says: "I know where he was. He was at me." John says: "He and and that other idiot called Gabriel Newman are the leaders her. You seems like someone that wants to escape, right?" Roger says: "Yes I'll. Christian will get what he deserves and I will save Madelyn from that stupid idiot!" John is glad that there is finally someone who will try to kill Christian. 

Madelyn also awakes that day. Christian is with her. She is very shocked when she sees that he is alive. Christian starts talking: "You will never get touched anywhere by that idiot." Madelyn says: "Where is Roger? What have you done to him?" Christian answers: "He will get what he deserves." Madelyn is angry and wants attacks Christian but he is stronger than her. "Luckily for you I will forgive what you did."

In one of the next days, Roger is brought to Christian. Christian tortures him and wants him to get a very painless death. Roger still doesn't sees Madelyn anywhere. He feels sad for her. He thinks that Christian rapes her everyday. He also fastly found out that she is not in the cage with all the womans. John talks a lot about a hot girl in the womans cage. He thinks he knows who she is. He hopes that one day they will all be free and that Christian has got what he deserves. But it won't be easy.

That same day, Christian and Madelyn go to the womans cage. There are also lots of men of Christian with them. Christian says to Madelyn: "These are all the stupid girls we have. Don't make the same mistake as them and end her." Christian gives a sign to all his men. They all pick up one girl and go to other rooms. Madelyn feels very sad for all of them. Some girls don't want to get raped and attack the soldiers. Christian helps them and goes away from Madelyn. She runs away and goes sit among some woman. Some girls get away and also come at it. "Hey wait, you are that girl of Christian one of the girls ask?" Madelyn answers: "No I hate him very much." Another girls says: "Everybody hates him. I'm Sharon nice to meet you." Madelyn says: "I am Madelyn as you, nice to meet you too." Sharon says: "You don't know how much Christian talks about you." Madelyn wants to answer to it, but it's interrupted by Christian. He kicks and pushes lots of girls away. He gets Madelyn. Sharon and the others want to help her, but Christian is too strong and gets Madelyn. They go back to Christian's room.

Inside the men's cage, Roger, John and the others hear that the girls are raped again. Roger feels sad. He is making a plan to escape. John comes at him. Roger says: "I think I have seen the girl you mean." John answers: "That's great to hear." Roger continues: "I think I also know how to escape."  John says: "That's great too. And how you will do that?" Roger says: "I won't tell. You will see it."

The next day, Roger is tortured again. While that, Christian is lying in bed with Madely. "Now you are finally mine again." Christian has raped her. During that, Roger is tortured by some of his men. Gabriel Newman is training on that moment. Roger finally gets the chance. One man comes at him and eletrocutes him. When the man doesn't looks, he changes the direction of the machine. When the man is back, he starts the man but Roger grabs him and he gets all the electric on him. Later the man falls death on the ground. The others sees it and attack Roger, but they are also electrocuted. One of the men has a key. Roger picks it up and opens his handcuffs with it. He steals a gun of one of the men. He fastly runs out of the torture room. Luckily, there is nobody outside. He runs to the cage of the men. All of the men sees that he has escaped. John also sees it. Roger destroys the cage. All the prisoners escape. On that moment, Gabriel and Christian find out that the prisoners have escaped. All the prisoners go to the cage of the woman. Roger, John and the others also easily destroy that cage. John goes immediatly inside of the cage. Roger runs away. John sees Sharon. All girls are very glad that they are saved. Now, Roger wants to save Madelyn, but suddenly he sees Christian standing on a higher place watching at him. He says: "Hahahaha, what do you want to get with this? I will kill your lovely Madelyn if you don't surrender now." Roger answers: "You won't. And do you know why? The only point you are making is that you want to get her and I shouldn't. Why all these people have to die for this? Tell me why!" Christian screams: "You idiot should never have touched her. I know this is only between us, but so be it." Roger says: "That's not an answer to my question, but I already know enough. It's quite simple. If you want war, you will get war!" Christian shortly answers: "Accepted" and goes back to his room. The others follow Roger. They know that the war against Christian has just started.

Roger and the others run to the Christian's room. On the way to it, Roger shows them a room with lots of guns and other things inside of it. All prisoners pick up the guns and run further till lots of Christian's men come to them. A huge fight starts. Roger runs away and takes another route. He hears that some men are coming at him. Roger is actually tired of all this fighting, but he now that it must happen. He picks up the gun he found in the weapons room and attacks. Meanwhile, John and the others fight against Christian's army. Lots of people die. All womans are brought to a safe place. Roger is also killing lots of people. He comes further and further. All men are very weak. Roger easily kills all of them. He reaches another room, but now his bullets are empty. He attacks the men. They fight. Another men shoots on him but it fails. He attacks the other men steals his gun and shoots a bullet through the other man. After that he also kills the other man. The next room is empty. It's totally silent. Their is only one cabinet inside the room. Roger thinks he hears something. He opens the cabinet and is shocked who is inside of it. It's Madelyn. She almost couldn't breathe and nearly died. Roger asks of she is all right, but she doesn't reacts. Suddenly she awakes. "Roger is it really you?" Madelyn asks. "Yes it's me. I am so glad to see you." Madelyn says: "You saved me again. How can I even thank you the whole time for that?" Roger says: "Perhaps with this" and they kiss with each other. After that, Roger says: "We really have to kill that fucking Christian." Madelyn says: "I couldn't believe he still lives. I thought you had killed him." Roger says: "I'm sorry." Madelyn says: "It doesn't matter we have to do it now. And you have already done enough for me. Please give me a gun. I also want to kill people." Roger is surprised to what she says and answers: "I have only one gun left. You can have it." Madelyn says: "Thanks, then I will protect you and will safe you." Roger is surprised how calm she reacts. They go back to the group. John and the others have killed almost all people. The last ones went back to Christian's room.

All prisoners are standing before the gate to Christian's room. It's sure Christian doesn't wants them to come inside. John says: "Roger, here is Sharon. The girl I meant." Roger answers: "Oh yes, she was also the one I thought you meant." Sharon says: "What do you mean? You both have talked about me?" John answers: "Yes we did. I will explain it totally when we have killed fucking Christian." Madelyn asks: "Roger how do you think we can come inside? I want to kill Christian." Roger answers: "We have enough time to find out. I will look at it now." But that's already not needed. The gate opens and they see Christian and Gabriel standing on a higher stage. Christian says: "Well, well, well. Look who we have there. Stupid Roger, Idiot John, more prisoners, those whores and Madelyn. Wait??? Madelyn??? Idiots how did you get her? She belongs to me!" Christian becomes more and more angry. Gabriel wants him to calm down, but he fails. Madelyn picks up the gun and shoots on Christian. It fails. There is a secret glass before them. Christian continues: "Hahaha, you have chosen the wrong side, Madelyn. But you still belong to me and I will get you. And Roger you will die for everything you did!" Christian sends his complete army out of his room and they attack Roger, Madelyn, John, Sharon and all other prisoners. A huge fight starts. Roger says to John: "You and Sharon will kill Gabriel, Madelyn and I will get Christian." John answers: "Okay, that's good." Gabriel wants to close the gate again, but it's too late. John and Sharon are too fast and come inside. Gabriel runs away. John and Sharon open the gate again. Christian attacks John and Sharon, but Roger and Madelyn already come to get him. John and Sharon go after Gabriel Newman. Christian also runs away. Roger and Madelyn go to him. All other prisoners fight against Christian's army. Roger and Madelyn run after Christian, but some of his men attack them. Madelyn kills them. She feels weird that she has killed someone. Roger says: "The first one is hard, after it becomes easier." Madelyn answers: "This is war and everybody that supports Christian is bad and has to die. I only want to kill bad people." Roger says: "I have the same. Now go after Christian."

They kill some people again and again till they reach the gate to Christian's room. Roger throws a bomb on it. The gate totally explodes. Inside, Christian is standing. "Hello Roger and Madelyn. So you finally reached me. I know you came here to bring her to me." Roger answers: "No we came here to finish this." Christian: "You can't finish this. I am the only one that is able to do that. And now you will feel how." Roger suddenly feels something weird in his back. He gets electrocuted and falls unconscious on the ground. One of Christian's men did it. Around 10 minutes later, Roger awakes. He is sitting on a torture place. Christian continues: "Now I will torture you till you are death. I feel sad for you that this will be your end, but it has to be this way. But before all of this. I want to show you something." Lots of televisions come around Roger. Roger sees that Madelyn comes at Christian. Christian continues again: "Before you will die, you need to learn something. It's very easy, but you just can't understand it!" Christian starts talking louder and louder and on the end he says: "She is mine!!!" After that he kisses Madelyn. The televisions go on. It shows the bedroom of Christian. Madelyn can't do anything. She gets an electric wave when she tries to do something. Christian pulls of the clothes of Madelyn and they go to the bedroom. Inside of it, they have sex. Lots of other men come in the room of Roger and look what he does. Roger screams very hard: "No no no! This is not how the world is!" After it he screams lots of other things till the televisions go off. The men start with torturing Roger.

John and Sharon are running after Gabriel. Gabriel says: "You suckers what do you want to get with this! Christian will kill everybody!" Suddenly, John is faster than him and smashes Gabriel away. They start fighting. Sharon helps John where she can. Later it ends wtih Gabriel pushing John in the arms of Sharon. She asks of he is all right. He shortly says "Yes" and they go further. They run in a room. There are lots of bottles in the room with alcohol. Gabriel is standing there and throws a bottle at Sharon. John pushes her away and the bottle doesn't hits them. John also picks up a bottle and throws it at Gabriel. He jumps away. Sharon helps John. A complete war with bottles throwing on each other starts.

Meanwhile, Roger is tortured and the televisions go off and on. It shows Christian having sex with Madelyn. Roger becomes very very very angry. The men of Christian are laughing.

John and Sharon are still throwing bottles. They sometimes hit Gabriel, but he goes further and suddenly attacks John. He picks up a bottle and hits him. It doesn't hurts Gabriel that much. He picks up another bottle and wants to smash John with it. Suddenly, Sharon is standing behing him and throws a bottle on his head. On that moment, John picks up Gabriel and throws him on the place with lots of bottles. He pushes him on it. He gets lots of glass inside of him. John smashes him hard over it. Sharon helps him with it. They reach a wall and Gabriel gets up again and attacks John. He picks up a glass of a broken bottle and wants to push it at John's neck. Sharon wants to smash Gabriel, but he kicks her away. John grabs a bottle with his hand and throws it a the plank above Gabriel and him. It breaks and the plank falls on the head of Gabriel. John smashes Gabriel away. He crashes in the wall. He and Sharon pick up another bottle and smash Gabriel with it. He has lots of glasses in him. Sharon hits Gabriel in his head. John smashes in his belly. He gets another bottle and smashes Gabriel very hard. But he fights back and smashes John hardly away. He and Sharon fight. Gabriel picks her up with his last powers and wants to strangle her. Out of nowhere, Gabriel gets a bullet through his belly. John is standing before him with a gun in his hands. Sharon smashes Gabriel hardly against the wall and it breaks. Gabriel falls out of the base. He falls hardly on the ground. Some pieces of him are lying on the ground. All other prisoners see it and are very glad.

On the other side of the base are Christian's men still torturing Roger. He is out of his powers and thinks he will die. He has to accept that Christian has beated him. Although it seemed impossible, it is what it is. Suddenly, the televisions go on again. Roger sees a naked Christian lying on a naked Madelyn. Christian is waving to him and knows Roger is watching. It makes Roger even more angry than he already was. Roger tries to break all the chains. Christian's men see it and they come inside of Roger's cage. This is Roger's chance and he smashes the first men hardly. He totallly breaks all the chains and grabs the gun of the first men. He shoots the second one through his heart. The first one attacks him again. He smashes the gun out of Roger's hands. Christian has also seen that Roger escapes. He and Madelyn take on their clothes again. Christian grabs Madelyn. Roger smashes the first men hardly against the wall and he is defeated. 3 other men also attack him. He throws them in the cage and he grabs the gun again. The other men stay behind the cage. Roger smashes the door open. He sees Christian with Madelyn standing before him. Roger is still very angry and says: "You motherfucker, you will never deserve her!" Christian only laughs, but suddenly Roger attacks him. Christian throws Madelyn away. Roger and Christan start a big fight. Christian says while they are fighting: "You are the motherfucker! You stole her from me! I know you had sex with her!" Roger answers: "You only rape her and she fucking doesn't loves you! Understand that!" It makes Christian very angry and he attacks him even harder. While fighting, they go in the torture room. The 3 men are still in the cage and asks to Christian to open the cage. He does it and they attack Roger. Christian gets away and goes in another door. Roger picks up his gun again and shoots the first of the 3 men through his head. He kicks the second one away. He shoots the 3rd one in his belly. The second one comes back and Roger also shoots him. He goes after Christian, but is gone. However, Christian suddenly attacks him. He grabs him and has a weird weapon. It shoots fire and he wants to use it on Roger. But he smashes it away. Christian also has a metal pipe. He smashes Roger hardly away with it. They fight again and while fighting, Christian smashes Roger with his metal pipe. Roger grabs the weapon of Christian and uses it on the metal stick. Christian hands are burned. Roger says: "Now we will see who is the truly motherfucker of us. I know I probably don't deserve Madelyn, but sure more than you!" Christian laughs and says: "I would have never known that you would so much for her!" Roger answers: "It's what I have to do to kill idiots, such as you!" He picks up the weapon with fire and uses it on Christian. He screams very hard. When he hits Christian, the weapon explodes. Roger, Christian and the metal pipe are hardly pushed away. Roger looks at Christian. He is totally burned but is still alive. Christian says: "Hahahahahahahaha, so laughable." It makes Roger very angry again. He picks up the metal pipe and smashes Christian with it. He smashes Christian hardly with the pipe. Roger says: "I will have to make an end of this. This is how!" He smashes Christian hardly with the pipe. He totally smashes his head flat. After that he goes to his belly and hardly smashes on it. Later there is almost nothing left anymore of Christian. While doing this, Roger looks behind him. He sees Madelyn standing behind him. He runs to her and they cuddle each other. It is over.

Roger says to her: "I'm sorry, but I had to do it." Madelyn answers: "It is okay, he deserved it." Roger continues: "The war is over. We have won." Madelyn answers: "Yes, now we can finally go back to home." After that, John and Sharon walk inside the room. John says: "Where is Christian?" Roger says: "There he is" and shows the complete destroyed body of Christian. John answers: "Finally, he is death. I knew you could do it!" Sharon says: "You took revenge for all of us. Thanks Roger." Roger says: "I know what to do. John can you help me?" John answers: "Yes of course." Roger and John pick up the body of Christian and throw it out of a window. When it hits the ground, it totally falls apart. All of Christian men see it and lots of them get killed. After it, they all surrender. Roger, Madelyn, John and Sharon walk out of the building with the other survivors. Madelyn asks to Roger: "What will we do now?" Roger answers: "Wait, the complete army is on their way." Sharon says: "And what will they do?" Roger answers: "I hope they will destroy this fucking building." John says: "I hope it too, they had to do it much earlier." They all go sit somewhere on the ground. Around 10 minutes later, the police and a complete army come. They place bombs around the base. They all watch to it and go away. Some minutes later, the complete base explodes. Roger, Madelyn, John and Sharon see it. The police brings them to the nearest airport. In another plane, they go back home.

Inside the plane, Roger and Madelyn are still scared and hope the plane won't be shooten another time out of the sky. Madelyn asks to Sharon: "Where will you go to? Sharon answers: "We want to stay at you." John also answers: "Yes, we don't have a home anymore and will come with you." Roger and Madelyn both laugh about it. John and Sharon don't understand why they laugh. Later, they are back home. In Roger's and Madelyn's city, John and Sharon buy a house and go life with each other. They love each other. Roger and Madelyn are also most of the time with each other. They tell everybody in the city what happened and everybody is glad they survived it.

3 years later, Roger and Madelyn have also their own house and life together with each other. They kiss with each other and Roger remembers that it is 3 years ago that they went on the plane that would crash. They both are still very glad they survived it and hope that something similar will never happen to anyone.


  • Unknown actor as Roger Kane
  • Unknown actress as Madelyn Stevenson
  • Unknown actor as Christian McNeil
  • Unknown actor as John Stephens
  • Unknown actress as Sharon Parks
  • Unknown actor as Gabriel Newman
  • Unknown actress as Megan McCarthy
  • Unknown actor as Jonathan Dawson
  • Unknown actor as Thomas Mulligan
  • Unknown actress as Kaylee Hughes
  • Unknown actor as Tom Perch
  • Unknown actor as Richard Twain