The Battle of Baynord was a battle in the end of Spaceship 537.


The humans leaded by Xavier Conley wanted to kill the Quetirs. They wanted to take over Baynord and kill all Quetirs. But the Quetirians leaded by Saxario protected their town.


All the humams and Quetir attack each other. A big fight starts where many humans and Quetirians die. Conley wants his army to fight till the end. Many humans reach Baynord and want to destroy it. Saxario reaches the town too. Out of the Spaceship 484, lots of small ships come and shoot on the town. Later, lots of houses are destroyed. Saxario and other Quetirians go in the highest building of the town. Xavier Conley walks into the town and slaughters many Quetirians with his sword. He and other men destroy the door of the highest building. Lots of men are killed by Quetirians. Conley walks in and sees Saxario. They start fighting and Saxario says: "You fool, you don't understand it. You can destroy this town and kill me, but you will never take over this planet." After that, Conley understand what he means, because out of nowhere lots of blue Quetirians come to the town. "NO!!!" says Conley very angrily and he stabs him sword through Saxario. He also beheads Saxario. But he knows it's game over. Lots of Quetirians are very angry and attack him. He fights against them, but suddenly his right arm is cut off and his sword falls on the ground. Conley is pushed on the ground and his legs are cut off and his other arm too. A blue Quetir picks up Conley's sword and cuts of his head. All the Quetirians eat from him and later there is nothing left of Xavier Conley anymore. Outside, the Quetirians also win and shoot all the planes out of the sky. The Spaceship 484 is also took over by the Quetirians and all humans are killed. The Quetirians have won the Battle of Baynord and Saxario died for it.

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