The Battle at the Kree Ship is a battle in Captain Marvel.


Carol Danvers was sent by S.H.I.E.L.D. to the Kree Ship to stop Galen-Kor. Danvers wanted to stop Kor because he killed Captain Mar-Vell and he gave her the powers.


The next day she flied to the ship and surrender. "Thank you Carol" said Galen-kor, "You have saved your planet. He took her in the medical lab. He gave her to the scientists, and Galen-kor left the room. The scientis said: First we have her to put in sleep. But she didn't want to and she killed one of the scientists. The other one wanted to warn the others but he was too late and was later killed. She could easily escape and walked around the ship. One of the guards saw her and attacked her, other guards saw it and followed. They all fought against her, but they didn't had a chance. She killed them all with her powers and she went to the cockpit. She entered and Galen-kor was standing there and said" "you escaped for the second time". And he started attacking her. After a long fight both were unarmed, Galen shot at one window and the window exploded and slurped all the air outside. Carol flew outside but she threw a bomb in the ship, Galen-kor wanted also to escape, but he was too late. The ship exploded and Galen-kor was dying. The ship fellt back on earth. Carol had to stop the ship. She did but she was later interrupted by a living Galen-Kor. He attacked but her but he was later killed by a laser of Carol. He fell of the ship in the water. Carol threw also the ship in the water.

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