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This is a version of the upcoming movie of Avengers Infinity War created by Astral-New-X.

Plot Edit

The planet Xandar is invaded by Thanos and the Chitauri because they want the Infinity Gauntlet, a device designed to hold the Infinity Stones, six singularities that if they get together in only one hand, they will give him/her universal powers. While a part of the Chitauri are fighting the Nova Corps and creating chaos and destruction in Xandar, Thanos and the other part of the Chitauri and some assaulted the main facility of the Nova Corps, slaughtering. Thanos murders Rhomann Dey, steals the Infinity Gauntlet, takes and destroys the Orb taking the Power Gem. After that, the title of the movie appears in the screen.

Meanwhile, in the Earth, Tony Stark visits Nick Fury in the Helicarrier. Nick Fury tells Iron Man that he wants to unite the Avengers again after the events of the Civil War. Tony replies him that the Sokovia Agreements are actually in validity, and Captain America and his team don´t want to accept them. Nick tells Tony that it will be a secret without the interview of the government, Tony replies Fury that Captain America and his team could deny to be the Avengers again, so Fury sends Tony to find new members. Then, Tony asks why he needs to assemble the Avengers again, and Nick Fury says that the organization of magic monks named "Kamar-Taj" was able to create accidentally an universal mirror that showed Thanos attack on Xandar, and they informed that to SHIELD. They know that Thanos stole the Power Stone, and Nick says he is worried if Thanos arrives to Earth to get Vision´s Mind Gem.

First, Tony flies in a jet to London, United Kingdom, where he visits the SHIELD agent Carol Danvers. She tells Tony that she worked with the NASA as scientist, and one day, she was selected to be in an artifical satelite in the space, however, when she and her tripulation arrived, ntil two Krees appeared fighting between them and creating cosmic energy blasts, and she was affected, so after the flight ended, she abandoned NASA and SHIELD until she gets the chance of getting rid of her powers. Tony convinces her to join the Avengers and creates a technological-advanced suit for her. After Carol got on the suit, she decides to use the identity of Captain Marvel.

Meanwhile, in Pym Laboratories, Hope van Dyen and Hank Pym are informed of Scott Lang´s scape to Wakanda. Hank decides its time to Hope to become the Wasp, and she gets excited. After she went out of the training simulation room, Hope goes to the room where the Wasp suit is, and she put herself on the armor, turning into the new Wasps, and Hank sends her in a jet to find Scott Lang in Wakanda. Meanwhile, Black Widow interviews the assault of a bank that was being stopped by Spider-Man.

After the criminal was captured by the police, Black Widow recruited Spider-Man for the Avengers. Meanwhile, Thor is in Asgard where he has a vision of Thanos murdering all the Asgardians and getting the Teseract and the Soul Stone (that is in Asgard), so he travels to Earth alongside Bruce Banner to inform the Avengers about his vision. When Thor gets out of Asgard, Thanos and the Chitauri appeared and caused a massacre on Asgard, getting the Teseract and the Soul Stone.

Before Thanos was able to destroy Asgard, the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Nova Corps that weren´t in Xandar during the massacre appeared trying to defeat Thanos, however, he scaped to Knowhere, the actual location of the Reality Gem. The Guardians and the Novas reached Knowhere and they found the corpse of the Collector and they also see Thanos getting the Aether, and when the Aether entered on the gauntlet, it solidified into the Reality Gem and then, Thanos scaped. Meanwhile, in Earth, Doctor Strange discovered that the Eye of Agamotto holds the Time Stone, so he gets on the Ancient One´s books to create a wedge between the Earth and Asgard.

When he arrives to Asgard, Doctor Strange sees that the world was seriously damaged by Thanos, and the Soul Stone and the Teseract where stolen up. After finding Heimdall´s body, Doctor Strange is found by the Valkyrie, Doctor Strange thaught that the Valkyrie was actually living in Asgard, so he gives the Eye of Agamotto to Valkyrie, who later brings it to the Grandmaster, that was being visited by the Guardians of the Galaxy, that wanted to get Thanos ubication.

However, the Guardians stole secretly the Eye of Agamotto from the Grandmaster´s hands, and they told Strange, Valkyrie and the Grandmaster that Thanos is searching all the Stones, so the Guardians take the Eye of Agamotto to safely and they give them to a group of Nova Corps in the planet Sakaar, and then, Strange decides to return to the Earth, where he tells Wong that the Time Stone is actually at hands of an "intergalactic organization".

Meanwhile, Sharon Carter, Carol Danvers, Thor, Bruce Banner, Tony Stark and his side of the Avengers travel to Wakanda alongside Hope, where they convince T´Challa and Captain America´s group to return to the Avengers, joining the group complete again. After the Guardians went to Earth to protect the last Stone, Thanos appeared and murdered the rest of the Nova Corps, destroyed the Eye of Agamotto and stole the Time Stone. Meanwhile, the Guardians arrived on New York where they found Phil Coulson. Star-Lord asks Phil where the group known as "Avengers" are, and Phil says that they´re in Wakanda.

So the Guardians flied to Wakanda, where they joined to the Avengers. Also, Doctor Strange goes to Wakanda after he heard from Star-Lord the plans of Thanos. With all the heroes united, Nick Fury created the Avengers again, and finally, all the heroes travelled again to Washington D.C., where Star-Lord (as Peter Quill), alongside Nick Fury and Doctor Strange, informed the United Nations leader about the possible invasion. Convinced by Strange´s illusions, the leader of the UN allied with the presidents of the world to begin the "Protocol-Infinite" to defend Earth.

Days after that, Thanos invades the Earth to collect the last stone: The Mind Stone. After the Chitauri destroyed many cities, Thanos attacked New York to find Vision and the Stone. After a fight with US army and the Avengers with Thanos, the Winter Soldier sacrifies himself to save Captain America, being mortally wounded by the beam of a Chitauri and begining the final battle against Thanos. However, all the heroes were defeated and Thanos killed Vision, getting the last Stone, the Mind Stone.

This enraged Scarlet Witch, who lose control of her magic and created a huge explosion, and also taking mind control of the Leviatans and the Chitauri, but Thanos had the universal power, so it was useless. However, the experiment known as Adam Warlock scaped suddenly from the Sovereign Planet to Earth, where he saw Thanos invading the Earth, and without any option, he decided to attack Thanos (who was classified as "Dangerous Living Being in his system").

After a long battle, all the Avengers where defeated. However, there was a light of hope, because Nebula appeared alongside all the Ravagers in the universe. Then, Adam used all his power to grab the Power Stone and the Time Stone, so Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange used the Power Stone and the Time Stone, respectively (Scarlet grabbed Power Stone from Adam). Thanos lose his universal power, and the Avengers, the army, Warlock and Nebula and the Ravagers tried to grab the Gauntlet, and finally, Adam was able to do that.

The Power Stone and the Time Stone were put on the gauntlet again, and suddenly, Warlock´s sides of good and evil were separed from him, creating the Goddes (Warlock´s good side) and the Magus (Warlock´s evil side). Thanos got the Gauntlet again and he scaped from New York alongside the restant Chitauri (many Chitauries died in the battle). Before leaving, Thanos declares war to the Earth and he said the battle didn´t ended, and he won´t leave the Solar System until seeing the Earth destroyed. Then, Thanos and the Magus (who allied with Thanos) and his Chitauri flied to the space to prepare another invasion and conquer the rest of the planets and to create a plan to destroy all the heroes.

Captain America says that despite they failed on stopping Thanos, they won´t fail on protecting the Earth from the next invasion. The Guardians decided to stay on Earth to protect it, and all the heroes yell "United Avengers!". Days after, the Avengers went to Winter Soldier´s funeral, Ant-Man and Wasp returned with Hank Pym, Scarlet Witch went to Kamar-Taj to revive Vision, and Thor returned to Asgard while the Guardians stayed on Earth to repair their ship, and the Goddes flied to space. Then, Captain America´s voice is being heard, and he says that the Avengers will be united forever to protect the Earth.

Post-Credits SceneEdit

Scene 01Edit

Thanos and Magus are leading many spaceships of Chitauries in the solar system where Xandar is, implyiing that he conquered the system. Then, Thanos proclaims the Infinity Empire, decided to conquer the rest of the universe.

Scene 02Edit

Carol Danvers its seen sleeping on her house, and she had a vision of a mysterious Lord-Kree attacking the Earth. Then she goes to a secret room of her house and she sees her Captain Marvel suit.

Scene 03Edit

Ant-Man and Wasp are seen in Hank Pym´s laboratory, who wants them to be in a new mission.

Cast Edit


Aclarations Edit

  • Soul Stone actual location isn´t revealed actually in the MCU.
  • James Rhodes/War Machine isn´t in the film after his legs got damaged accidentally by Vision in the Civil War,

Deleted Ideas Edit

  • Nova (Sam Alexander) was thaught to appear in the film, but it wasn´t possible because screen-time-limits.
  • Captain America was supposed to be the one who died in the film.
  • James Rhodes/War Machine was in the original script.

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