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This is a movie based off the "Avanti Savoia!" war story from Battlefield 1.


- Valeyard6282

Idea to make this into a movie is © Valeyard6282 2017, but the concept is from Battlefield 1.

Plot is taken from the Battlefield wiki to reduce time spent working on a movie near identical to the war story.


Italian Arditi shock trooper Luca Cocchiola must risk his life by crossing enemy lines to save his brother's life during the horrors of WWI.


The Sentry Edit

Luca Vincenzo Cocchiola, a war veteran, tells his daughter, Becca, his experience in World War I. Luca tells a story about how he fought on the Mediterranean front when he lost his twin brother, Matteo, in a battle on their 21st birthday.

Matteo is assigned to a unit to capture a fort held by Austro-Hungarian forces, and Luca is to support Matteo's battalion. Luca dons a suit of armor and is armed with an MG 08/15 machine gun. Luca and his unit must capture a church fortified with enemies, encountering flame troopers along the way.

After capturing the church, Luca finds that an artillery emplacement is targeting the Italian forces. Killing enemy soldiers along the way, Luca destroys the artillery gun with explosives. However, an anti-aircraft gun is found destroying allied planes, forcing Luca to charge at them instead.

After capturing the position, Luca tosses away his MG as he takes over an AA gun and starts shooting down any planes targeting Matteo and his unit. Eventually, the enemy draws their attention to Luca and target him instead.

Eventually, the planes fall back, proceeding to bomb the mountain where Matteo's unit was and create a landslide, burying all on the ground. A plane hit by the debris soon hitting Luca's position, rendering him unconcious.

After the Collapse Edit

Upon awakening, Luca finds himself lost and momentarily stunned by the carnage he witnessed. Realising Matteo is nowhere to be found, he takes off his now battered armor, and picks up a nearby Villar Perosa submachine gun to find Matteo.

After going down the crash site, Italian forces are found surrounded by Austro-Hungarians in an outpost. Fortunately, there were weapon crates the Italians could use to counter the enemy. After Luca defends the outpost from the enemy, Luca proceeds to find Matteo in the fort. Along the way, he encounters Matteo's unit taking refuge, and Luca can go underground or use the sides to get in the fort. After getting in the fort, Luca must clear the area of enemies before finding Matteo.

After clearing the enemies, Luca finds a door and sees dead Italian soldiers. He was having high hopes that Matteo escaped but finally, finds Matteo's corpse. Luca mourns and weeps his brother's corpse, commenting in the present "who decides such things?". Luca, in the present, greets Matteo Buon compleanno, a happy birthday in Italian.


*Luca Cocchiola- Joe LoCicero

*Matteo Cocchiola- Deniz Akdeniz

*Becca Cocchiola- Natalie Portman

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