Angelica Mead is a Character of the Scream Series. She appeared in The Scream Returns. She is portrayed by Jane Fonda.


The Scream ReturnsEdit

Angelica Mead is first seen in the movie after Charlotte was killed, it is monday after the weekend. Mrs. Mead does if nothing happened, but she also know how bad the situation is. Mrs. Mead sees nobody is watching at her lesson ands stops the lesson.

Some days later, Bruce meets Isabelle on school. Isabelle is glad that Jack is gone. Later they hear somebody scream, They walk towards it where they find a dead body of a kid. They see a Scream walking away. They follow him where they see him. The Scream is with Mrs. Mead. Bruce wants to stop him but he puts a knife in her belly. She falls wounded on the ground. Isabelle wants to save her but it is too late and she dies. The Scream escapes.

Relationships Edit



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